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Be You're Own boss!

Be your own boss! Use our tools to help you expand your network!

High-tech dashboard!

Access to our Dashboard where you can see your live earnings & any channels that you have introduced to the TNG Network!

24/7 Support

The TNG Network offers 24/7 Email Support. Any queries will be replied to, within 24 hours.

Revenue share

Get 50/50 of the revenue for every channel that you sign up to the TNG Network.

We pay your partners!

Don't worry about paying your partners we pay them on your behalf! It makes life a lot easier for you.

We handle your applications!

We will handle all applications for you, and if you wish, we will even provide support for your partners!




Welcome to thenextgamer network. We have so much to offer to our partners : Own Dashboard / Forums / Support / TNG App and much more! We have a lot of new, exciting projects on the way. If this sounds like the type of partnership you would like to join, please apply here - JOIN THENEXTGAMER