My Name is Jamie Barker. I am from the United Kingdom and was born in Leicester in June 1992. I have enjoyed playing games since I was a young boy. My very first console was the Nintendo 64 before moving onto the Gameboy. I have always been a games fan and loved to play new and upcoming games. When I was 15 years of age, I got an Xbox 360, one of the best games I ever played on! Since then, I have enjoyed playing games daily and wanted to do something more! I therefore set up my very own youtube channel ‘jamiexelitexsgx’. The sgx part of the address identified that I was in a gaming clan. I asked my dad to get me a capture card for my birthday and was so excited to get one. This enabled me to record videos and post them directly onto my youtube channel. I changed my name several times until I found one that I liked ‘JAMIExELITE’ and I now have a channel with over 420,000 subscribers. Due to my success on youtube, I then contacted YouTube & Dailymotion and made my own youtube & dailymotion network called ‘thenextgamer’. This network now has over 100+ million views per month and is still growing. I have also since set up another network ‘biztech’, and this enables me to do cross promotion and to collaborate both of these to enable them to grow as 1 big network. Thank you for taking your time to read my story. If you would like to ask me any questions, please contact me below.

Personal Info
Name Jamie Barker
DOB 19-Jun-1992
Address Leicester
FROM United Kingdom
Status Girlfriend
Kids Two