Follow our videopreneur recipe to success and you will be well on your way to building your own success by increasing your RPM. You can also earn more revenue if you will get more views, but this guide is to help you earn more per ad view.
The longer you are with the network, the more successful you will be. YouTube books higher-paying ad-campaigns based on the history of your channel with a Network. The more history you have, the more likely YouTube's algorithm will match better campaigns to your content.
Be Unique
Differentiate yourself. Create the same kind of content on one channel. If you cover gaming, stick to gaming videos. If you do vlogs, do not start posting music videos. Ad campaigns target specific categories of content, and if you mix unrelated video categories, you will not get targeted ad campaigns.
Engage your Subscribers
Build a loyal and engaged audience that watches everything you post. The more watch time your videos get (not just more views), the more you will make because YouTube will recommend your video in the "Suggestions" column of related videos in the right sidebar when watching other videos!
Connect with Viewers from High Ad-value Countries
Advertisers pay more for views from certain countries. Audiences are worth more if they watch your videos from these countries: USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Japan, Germany. Note: If you are Spanish, don't stop creating Spanish-focused content, but try to engage an English speaking audience as well.